I'm Noélie Martin, a Swiss art director, and illustrator. After a Major in art, a Bachelor diploma in psychology and another one in art direction, I worked for several years in advertising, where I was in charge to make creative concepts for brands. But in mid-2017, I decided to change my life! I decided to quit my job, travel for a year, and finally, start making illustrations for a living. After being back, I started to work as a freelancer in design and illustrations, and I created Le Paradoxe.

My illustrations are usually made with watercolors, and a thin pen for the black outlines. I like to tell the stories of life’s quirks and simple pleasures that resonate with people. I’m mostly inspired by life, food, and encounters, the whole sprinkled by a touch of poetry mixed with a hint of irony.
In 2018, I’ve been published in the book “Pictoria - The Best Contemporary Illustrators Worldwide”, from the Capsules Book boutique publisher in Melbourne. My work has also been selected to be featured in the Zurich marketing and communication magazine “Werbewoche” in 2019 in the Eyecatcher special section.
I work for companies or private customers and I intend to extend my work to editorial (more likely women’s press and lifestyle) and publishing houses.
On a personal level, I’m working on a children’s book, among other projects. I also sell my art at art fair/design markets and will open an Etsy shop very soon. 

Besides illustrations, I also enjoy photography. I’m not a photographer, but I have an eye for interesting compositions, colors, and shapes. I like to take snaps of the beauty of the ordinary, the details almost unseen in our surroundings. 
I’m seeking to put my photographs out there in the world and work for companies interested in my style and way of seeing the world.

My mind is busy with artsy projects waiting to be started, which is why I created Le Paradoxe, a creative multiverse to present my ideas and art. 
Among others, you can see my “Portal to Another Dimension” project: a series of graffitis of portals painted in the countries I visited during my travel (so people could travel faster anywhere they want!). I also created an Instagram about the scandalous treatment of the Christmas trees right after the holiday, because, if you think about it, it is very scandalous! In there, I imagine the tragicomic story behind the scene: what could have possibly happened to these trees dethroned from their shiny pedestal?!

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering my world. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you like my stuff or would like to work with me!

And if you are still curious, here are some FAQ.